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Sponsors Branding for Florida yacht club

We were very pleased to work with the St Augustine Yacht Club in Florida. The brief was to create a batch of SPONSORS stickers for their youth fleet of 420 sailing dinghies. We produced each sail sticker printing on a background of white Insignia Dacron. Each graphic was then CAD CUT to keep the weight down.

We hope to have some photos of the stickers applied to the 420 mainsails in the coming months.

How are these stickers applied?

The CAD CUT design is held in place with the transparent carrier paper – the top layer. The BACK sheet is removed carefully leaving the reverse of each component sticker on the front carrier sheet – ready for application in one go. It sounds a little complicated but we provide a clear set of instructions with each order.

Be our next customer

Whatever your marine branding needs we can help. We have the very latest printing and embroidering machines – all work is done in house – never outsourced. If you’re in the market for some new branded sailing club attire, a complete set of personalised yacht crew wear or a set of sponsors sail stickers – please get in touch today.

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