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Sail Stickers at the Moth Worlds

We were contacted earlier in the year by Sam Richardson (Commodore at Southampton University Sailing Club ref 3&4). They had a sailor, Joe Walters (ref 5), entering the Moth World Championships (ref 1) and wanted to apply their logo to Joe’s sails. We were delighted to be able to help and get involved with one of the most innovative sailing classes – the International Moth (ref 2). The Moth is an class with an “open” rules structure which permits the use of modern materials and design principles – unlike a strict one class design like the ILCA7 for example – the Moth’s are an ever evolving class.

Photos of Joe at the Moth Worlds

Race Report from the Sailor

Moth World Championships 2023

Just over a month ago I competed in the Moth Worlds in at WPNSA with the support of Southampton University Sailing Club! I drove down to Weymouth straight after my final exam to deliver the boat in the evening. I was out the next day with the youth and women’s training for some pretty light tacking practice…

We had 2 days of an open event to get practiced on the start line and courses, which happened to be our best 2 days of racing the whole event! I missed the second day as a low speed port-starboard collision caused damage to my wand and main foil.

Unfortunately we had an extremely light wind week which lead to only 2 races being completed out of the scheduled 24, leaving the event not a valid World Championship. It was a great week of learning, and incredible to sail against some of the top names in sailing!

Huge thank you to Southampton University Sailing Club for supporting me for the event.


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