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ILCA / Laser Sail Number Stickers

The first image shows a Laser 1 (ILCA7) with the DIGITAL 8 Sail NumbersStyle 1. If you look carefully – the cut guides can be seen around the outside edge. These guidelines make it easier to cut each number accurately and cleanly. The second image shows the other format of DIGITAL 8 Sail Numbers – those WITHOUT the guidelines. This is our Style 2 Laser Sail Number option. BOTH styles are permitted by the ILCA (Ref1)

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Insignia Dacron Sail Numbers for LASER DINGHY

Our most popular Sail Numbers for Laser / ILCA dinghies are supplied in a form known as “DIGITAL 8“. In the same way an old LED display works – the sticker is CUT to produce the desired numeral. All digits from 0 to 9 can be formed by simply snipping the unwanted segments away. The diagrams below show the two styles of Sail Number available from We have TWO styles of Digital 8 stickersStyle 1 has a visible GUIDE around the side showing where to cut – Style 2 does NOT.

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