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Applying your Boat Name / Sail Stickers

We already have a PDF Guide to applying your stickers – but thought a step by step HOW TO GUIDE might be more useful. This process applies to the application of Sail Stickers, Boat Name Stickers and Hull Graphics. This is Tristan applying an Insignia Dacron Sail Sticker to the mainsail of his Streaker dinghy. Tristan made TWO mistakes applying the stickers to my sail 1) he used Gorilla Tape – too sticky and 2) he used a book instead of a flexible felt squeegee.

If you’d prefer to Watch a Video ๐ŸŽฅ – please jump down the page or click here – Video, How to Apply Sail Stickers

Step 1 – What you will need

The Insignia Dacron sticker comes with a white paper backing and a clear plastic carrier. Ensure that the area where you want to position the sticker is clean and dry. Ensure the sail is positioned on a flat smooth surface – free of debris, dust etc. You will need the following:

  • A clean, flat dry surface
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape or similar – I used Gorilla Tape here – but that’s a bit too tacky. The best tape to use is the FROG MASKING tape as sold here
  • Flexible FELT Squeegee for flattening the sticker and removing creases and air bubbles. We recommend this Felt SQUEEGEE
Tools for the job - Sail Sticker, Scissors, Masking Tape and a Felt Squeegee

Step 2 – Preparation

The secret to a good application of your sail sticker is PREPARATION.

Preparation - lie everything out on a clean, dry flat table - or floor if the sail and sticker are very large.

Step 3 – Tape at Half Way point

Tape the corners and mid section of thew sticker to the sail cloth – referred to here as the Hinge Point.

Apply some masking tape at the 50% hinge point of the sail sticker

Step 4 – Remove Half the Backing

Now it starts to get serious. It might be easier on larger stickers if TWO PEOPLE do this. Separate the sticker from the backing paper and hold it out of the way so the helper can cut the unwanted backing paper off. Next step is to remove the backing paper from the hinge point to the right hand side

Step 5 – Cut the Backing Paper

Time to get the scissors out and carefully cut the unwanted backing paper leaving the sailcloth exposed underneath.

Step 6 – Applying the Sail Sticker

This is when I should have used a Flexible Squeegee and NOT “mind bending puzzles” book. The book is a little abrasive and could damage the sticker. Work from the hinge point in the middle of the sticker outwards – flattening as you go – removing bubbles and creases. Again – it may be easier if two people do this but I managed this 130cm x 30cm Dacron sticker single handed.

Use the felt squeegee to stick the sticker to the sail. Remember - the same process is used for car vinyls, boat names etc.

Step 7 – Repeat on Other Side

Once 50% of the sticker is firmly stuck to the sailcloth – repeat the process on the other side. Remove the masking tape, fold the sticker over to just past the hinge point. Now carefully remove the backing paper and apply the sticker from the hinge point outwards – working your way down the sticker with the squeegee to remove the bubbles and keep it flat.

Sail Stickers successfully applied to the Mainsail

Video – Applying a Sail Sticker

A video of Tristan from applying the company logo to his Streaker’s Mainsail. But remember – even Tristan didn’t get it 100% right! 1) use Masking Tape – NOT Gorilla Tape (too tacky) and 2) Use a Flexible Felt Squeegee – NOT a book โš ๏ธ


Here’s the products we’d recommend so you can complete the task easily and professionally. Good PREPARATION is the key to a successful application of your Sail Sticker / Hull Sticker.

Felt Squeegee

These are the same products that car wrappers use to apply vinyl wrap to cars. Much better than a credit card or similar.

*Disclosure Notice: SailStickers are affiliated to the Amazon Associates Program. The website owner may earn commission on resulting sales

Frog Masking Tape

This tape has the perfect adhesion for firmly holding the sticker in place – without fear of damaging the sticker or the sail / hull.

*Disclosure Notice: SailStickers are affiliated to the Amazon Associates Program. The website owner may earn commission on resulting sales

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