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Common Questions & Answers

What format does the artwork need to be?

Vector graphics are always best as this can be scaled without losing quality. Common vector formats are AI, CDR, SVG and sometimed they can be in PDF format. We can accept other image formats if the quality is high enough – preferably 300dpi. These may include BMP, JPG, PSD. But don’t worry – send us the largest image file you have and we will let you know if it’s good enough. If it’s a HUGE file – it’s best to provide a Google Drive sharing link or similar.

Alternatively, we can also vectorise you image to clean it up, but there may be an additional charge for this as it can be time consuming.

What are your lead times?

We generally try and get your order turned around within a working week. There may be times when we are reliant on our suppliers when restocking materials, but we will always make you aware of any delays.

Are the sail stickers easy to apply?

Yes, they will either be supplied as one complete printed sticker or as a number of separate components depending on whether its been CAD cut. CAD cut stickers will come with a clear application film fixed on top of them which holds them in place and makes it easier for you to apply. This is removed when the have been fixed to the sail. Keeping the sail taught and laid flat on a dry, hard, clean surface is the key to successful application. They are easy to fix but you need to prepare and follow our guide >> (Applying your Sail Stickers)

How much does a Custom Sail Sticker Cost?

With regard to Sail StickersVinyl graphics tend are considerably cheaper than Insignia Dacron but price ultimately depends on the size of the design and the number of colours used. As a rule of thumb – for Insignia Dacron – work on a maximum of £0.90 per cm at 1300mm wide. For Laminated Vinyl the cost is less than £0.50 per cm at 1300mm wide. It is normally considerably cheaper as we will optimise material use and minimise wastage and loss. As an example – a 130cm wide x 40cm tall Insignia Dacron sticker is approximately £30 (plus delivery)

How Much is Branded Crew Wear / Sailing Club Attire?

With regard to branded Crew Wear – that’s a difficult one as we have so many different garments to choose from. As an example – a very popular Active Wear Cooltex Long Sleeved Top with a printed LOGO on the FRONT will cost no more than £13 – probably less if you are ordering a few different shirts. We have access to DOZENS of base garments from Pique Style Polo Shirts to breathable, UV protective long sleeved sports tops. For customers looking for Embroidery – there is a SINGLE one off charge of £25 to create your embroidery master – then it’s just £6 per embroidered logo per garment. Naturally – the larger the order – the bigger the discount we can offer as setting up the printer for just ONE shirts is less economical than running off a batch of 50 T-shirts with the same design.

Do you make stickers for Hulls?

Yes our vinyl graphics are suitable for hulls. Hull stickers can be printed to a maximum width of 1300mm – however – curves in the hull both shape can make it difficult to apply. For smaller boats and sailing dinghies – a small sticker for example 50cm x 15cm just below the deck line is fine – no problem there as it’s quite “flat”. Please get in touch and we will discuss your requirements.

Are there any size restrictions?

The material comes in rolls which are 1300mm wide so your design can be 1300mm by any length. That means that each character in you design can be up to 1300mm wide. However – if your design goes over 1.3m there is no reason why mutliple stickers can’t be nested to created one larger sticker. The image below is an example of a large Artwork Proof supplied to a potential customer. These stickers printed on Insignia Dacron are 300cm x 300cm – made up from 3 overlapping stickers

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