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St Augustine Yacht Club – Florida – 420 Fleet Sponsor’s stickers have customers all around the world – from the UK East to Hong Kong and West to Florida and everywhere in-between. The following photos were sent to us from Marissa Burrier (Sailing Director at SAYC Sailing Center – Florida). Marissa asked us to provide mainsail stickers for their fleet of 420 dinghies. These stickers came in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. From a basic Insignia Dacron CAD CUT UPS logo with “Keys” symbol – to the multi-coloured Shelby Hodges logo and a precision Windward Marina Group logo.


Having customers all over the world is the result of a great team in the UK and co-operative customers around the globe. All we need from our customer is a high resolution image, jpeg or png is fine, SVG Vector file is even better. We then provide a set of Artwork Proofs, like the ones below. The customer then authorises these Artwork Proofs and we pass the design to the Print Shop. A short while later – the customer’s Dacron Sponsors Decals are rolling off the printer

The Artwork Proofs – Sponsor’s Logos

The image below is an example of an Artwork Proof as sent to the customer – this one for four sponsor’s of the St Augustine Yacht Club. Once the customer has authorised the artwork – the order is sent down to the Print Shop.

From the examples given below the all but the Arctic Breeze logo were CAD CUT – each component cutout individually. The Shelby Hodges lettering is all individually cut, no backgrounds. The two dogs and the lady in the blue dress retain only a thin white border around the coloured illustration. For the Windward Marina Group – all components were individually CAD CUT from blue Insignia Dacron. The Arctiv Breeze logo was too “thin” for CAD CUT – and so had to be printed on a white rectangle of adhesive Dacron.

Artwork Proof as sent to the customer for authorisation BEFORE printing commences

Sponsors stickers coming off the Printer

This is where the fun starts. The print team print the sponsors stickers on our 1300mm wide high tech printers. All the individual CAD CUT components are placed on a CARRIER sheet to make it easier for the customer to apply. Everything is in the right place ready for the customer to apply the sponsor’s sail stickers. For more details – pelase refer to our short Guide to Applying your Sail Sticker

A very Happy Customer

All the photos below are from the SAYC’s 420 fleet – a very happy customer who we hope to work with again in the near future.

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St Augustine Yacht Club

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