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Propverse sponsors logo for laser

This was another nice small order – just what we needed on a cold January day to keep the printers busy. The client wanted two sets of stickers – both printed on Insignia Dacron for application to an ILCA (Laser 1) sailing dinghy. The logo was printed in black on a white adhesive Dacron. The main components of the logo were then CAD CUT so only the lettering and logo is applied to the sail. This makes it a little harder to apply – however – it saves over 75% in weight. We hope to have some photos of the stickers applied to the mainsail of the ILCA dinghy once the sailing season kicks off.

PropVerse logo CAD CUT from Insignia Dacron for a Laser ILCA7 mainsail and two Ukrainian flags

The customer also wanted a pair of Ukrainian flags – printed on Insignia Dacron for application to the mainsail. The PropVerse sticker is an impressive 1200mm wide – nearly our maximum 1300mm width. Remember though, we can print almost ANY LENGTH. For example, we could print a flag 1300mm x 2600mm.

Please consider us for your Marine Branding requirements

Whatever your specialist branding requirements we can help. Our high-tech printing and embroidering machines can handle anything. All the work we take on is done in house – never outsourced. If you’re in the market for some new personalised sailing club attire, a complete set of branded yacht crew wear or a set of Dacron sail stickers – please get in touch today.

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