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ESS Steel ltd – waterproof Sail logo

Some lovely ESS STEEL Ltd custom Sail Stickers ready for despatch to another customer. These waterproof sail stickers are printed on Insignia Dacron – a material similar to spinnaker cloth with a water resistant adhesive backing. The waterproof graphic is then cut out leaving only the logo. This keeps the weight down and also looks a lot smarter when applied to the sail. We think these will look great when applied to the sails being a full 1300mm wide and 500mm tall.

ESS Steel Ltd - a 1300mm x 500mm sail sticker CAD CUT from Insignia Dacron
Fresh off the Printer

When we work with clients creating these customised sail graphics one of the last stages in the process is the production of an ARTWORK PROOF – as shown below. This defines the CAD CUT boundary – shown here by the thin red border – and the dimensions of the stickers.

An Artwork Proof as sent to the customer before printing their Dacron Sail Sticker.
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