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Busy Week

It’s been another busy week with orders from USA, Netherlands and the UK. The three from the UK include a large logo and QR code for an RS600 racing dinghy and a rather impressive Royal Hussars Regimental Insignia for a 30 foot sailing yacht. The Insignia could be CAD cut but the customer wanted a 1m diameter disk of Dacron to cover a previous owner’s sticker on the mainsail (a football team logo)

Large Circular Sail Sticker applied to Yacht's mainsail - The Royal Hussars Regimental Insignia

Royal Hussars Regimental Insignia

Here’s the Artwork Proof and the final finished Dacron Sail Sticker for the Royal Hussars customer. We hope to have some photos of this on the yacht when the weather gets better (see above). The detailing on this logo is quite remarkable – with the gold, black and grey all contrasting to produce an overall stunning design.

Badfish and QR Code Sticker

The next two showcase some of our other talents. The BADFISH customer came to us looking for a RECTANGULAR vinyl hull sticker printed with his logo. We convinced him that a CAD cut logo from laminated vinyl would look much smarter – no square edges – just the letters and the fish CAD cut from colour vinyl. The QR code is for Eco Power Systems Ltd – photo of their logo to follow. The use of QR codes on stickers has grown considerably in the last 12 months – it’s a really convenient way of giving your company website link to potential customers. I think we’ll see a lot more of these in the future. This one is 50cm x 50cm printed on a white square of Insignia Dacron with rounded corners.

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