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What Size SAIL Numbers Should you purchase

We are often asked “what size sail numbers do I need for my boat” The answer is, thankfully, quite simple and regulated by World Sailing (was the ISAF) under rule G1.2 (ref1). If you are looking to BUY some of our adhesive Sail Numbers – please click the links below to visit our eBay Store. The size of the Sail Number is determined by the boat’s overall length. The table below summarises this rule :

Boat’s Overall LengthMinimum Numeral HeightMinimum Space between characters
Under 3.5m230mm45mm
3.5m to 8.5m300mm60mm
8.5m to 11m380mm75mm
Over 11m450mm90mm
Sail Number Size Chart – ISAF (World Sailing)

Easy to Apply Insignia Dacron Sail Numbers

We stock and sell various styles of Adhesive Dacron Sail Numbers. The most popular numbers are supplied in a form known as “DIGITAL 8“. In the same way an old LED display works – the sticker is CUT to produce the desired numeral. All digits from 0 to 9 can be formed by simply snipping the unwanted segments away. The diagrams below show the two styles of Sail Number available from We have TWO styles of Digital 8 stickers – Style 1 has a visible GUIDE around the side showing where to cut – Style 2 does NOT.

BUy your SAIL NUMBERS here

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Do all Classes Support Digital 8 Numbers?

Unfortunately NOT. Certain classes such as the 29’er do NOT allow the application of the DIGITAL 8 numbers. If in any doubt – please consult with your Class Association to check the rules.

sail numbers for laser / Topper etc

For the vast majority of popular UK dinghies it’s either the 230mm (actual 236mm) or the larger 300mm (actual 305mm) Sail Numbers. Our best selling 300mm DIGITAL 8 numbers are CLASS LEGAL for a majority of classes including the ILCA / Laser (ref2). The table below shows some of the most popular Sailing Dinghies by Class and Sail Number Size.

Dinghy ClassSail Number Size (mm)
ILCA (all sail sizes)300
Laser 1 (ILCA)300
RS Feva230
RS100 to RS800300
Dart 15 – Dart 18300
RS Aero 7 – 9300
RS Aero 5 – 6230
Chart Showing Popular Dinghy’s Sail Number Sizes

Some Examples of these sail numbers

The first image shows a Laser 1 – ILCA7 with the DIGITAL 8 numbers personalised for the specific Laser Sail Number. If you look carefully – the cut guides can be seen around the outside edge. These guidelines make it easier to cut each number accurately and cleanly. The second image shows the other format of DIGITAL 8 numbers – those WITHOUT the guidelines.

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