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Custom SAIL graphics

This service came from our passion for windsurfing. After several years producing windsurf sail graphics we branched out, on request, to other vessels. We have produced sail stickers for all kinds of craft from performance dinghies to racing keel boats. Our team of in-house experts understand the different technologies used in modern sail design. The examples shown below come from a set of 6 different sponsor’s logos printed for the fleet of 420 dinghies at the St Augustine Yacht Club in Florida.

We have a dedicated page for Windsurf Sail Stickers and branding for Kiteboard kites.

Sail STICKERS for WOven / Porous materials

A majority of sailing yacht and dinghy sails are made from DACRON. Dacron is a registered trade name for a polyester fiber made by DuPont. It’s durable, low stretch, quick drying and, very imporantly for a marine environment – it’s mildew resistant.

Insignia Dacron for Porous Sail Cloths

For these “soft” polyester sails we produce our sail stickers from Insignia Dacron. This is polyester dacron sailcloth with a strong, water resistant adhesive backing. Insignia Dacron has been specifically designed for producing numbers for sails. This versatile lightweight material is also suitable for paragliders and kites.

We can supply your sticker either as a printed solid shape (square, circle, rectangle etc.) or we can CAD CUT around the design for a more professional appearance and reduction in weight. The example below is a large 1300mm wide ESS Steel Ltd logo printed on white Insignia Dacron then CAD CUT around the border. The sticker comes on a carrier sheet holding all components in the right place.

ESS Steel Ltd - a 1300mm x 500mm sail sticker CAD CUT from Insignia Dacron
Fresh off the Printer

How much do Custom Sail Stickers Cost?

Vinyl graphics tend are considerably cheaper than Insignia Dacron but price ultimately depends on the size of the design and the number of colours used. As a rule of thumb – for Insignia Dacron – work on a maximum of £0.90 per cm at 1300mm wide. For Laminated Vinyl the cost is less than £0.50 per cm at 1300mm wide. It is normally considerably cheaper as we will optimise material use and minimise wastage and loss. As an example – a 130cm wide x 40cm tall Insignia Dacron sticker is approximately £30 (plus delivery). The same 130cm x 40cm sticker in a water resistant laminated vinyl will cost in the region of £18.50 (plus delivery)

Base Colours of Insignia Dacron

The chart below shows the available colour swatch for Insignia Dacron. This would make up the BACKGROUND colour. We then use a special process to print your design on the Insignia Dacron – providing a long lasting Dacron Sail Sticker.

Insignia Dacron Colour Swatch


In the modern age of dinghy sailing and yacht racing there are many exotic materials used in the production of performance sails. A majority of these materials are referred to by their brand names. We see sails made from Technora, Spectra, Dyneema and Vectran. All of these can be branded with our customised sail graphics. In a majority of cases we use our Vinyl Graphics for these non-porous sails. However, we can still use the Insignia Dacron in most cases if the customer requires. If the sail is reinforced with a woven fabric sandwiched between the different fabrics it is often better to use Insignia Dacron as it adheres better to the contours.


Windsurf sails are generally made from a mix of a monofilm sail cloth and other panels of Mylar. Mylar is the trade name for a polyester film made by sandwiching Dacron or nylon between two layers of Mylar. For these type of non-porous sails we use adhesive Vinyl Graphics. For longevity and added robustness – your Vinyl sail stickers are always laminated. This is the same material we use for our boat name stickers and branded yacht hull graphics. More examples of our Windsurf Sail stickers here.

Examples of our Custom Sail STICKERS

All the examples shown below are customer of and ID Uniforms (Wirral). We are proud to have been supplying waterproof graphics for sails and yacht hulls since 2016. No matter how big or how small – we can help.

Sponsors logo on a Laser mainsail

The short video below shows an example of a highly detailed CAD CUT sponsors logo applied to the mainsail of a Laser dinghy. This logo has been CAD CUT out of high tack Insignia Dacron that should remain in place for many seasons to come.

logos & Stickers for Yacht hulls

The same processes and materials used to produce our sail stickers apply to the production of branded stickers for YACHT HULLS. If you need graphics applied to a single boat or fleet of yachts we can help. This area of our business is growing rapidly as people become more aware of the need for clear visual branding on boats of all sizes. We can produce hull stickers with your boat name, competition sponsors or just something to stand out from the rest of the fleet.

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